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Tiffiny Bond

Tif Notes

Hi There!

Welcome to my Tif Notes page, where you can get
the latest on what I am doing and had fun doing!

Fun Just Happening...
   The wind has been screaming in all overHawaii
I am going to have some time to go windsurfing.
For all my VPals out there
that windsurf...WoW...better get tickets to
Maui as soon as possible. Maybe we will
bump into each other?  No pictures though.
. my makeup will be a mess. 
   Check out my favorite Wind Speed site
on the Web.Windcall.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

    I am on the front cover of a new book about make up. 
I just found out it might be marketed in Japan.
The publishers just told me they did some test marketing
for the Asian markets. They said it was "Encouraging".
  So maybe I will get to go to Japan. I have never been
there before,  that would be!
  To see my Book Cover Shot click here or look for it in
my Photo Album. I love the book. All the models in the
book look super! It is called Sex Goddess Make Up Secrets.
The make-up secrets really work great. If any of my VPals
want one for your sister, mother, or a friend, it is easy to get.
It can be ordered from any of the major book stores like
Borders or at my  web page Tif Shop. 

Me...having way-fun in a brown wig......
baywch-1jt.JPG (5788 bytes) I am getting ready to do a stunt shoot for
"Baywatch Hawaii" on the north shore of
Oahu Hawaii.......Check it out.

I think rock climbing is so much fun!...Do you?
tif-rock5jt.JPG (8419 bytes) tif-rock4jt.JPG (5268 bytes) tif-rock2jt.JPG (4946 bytes)  
Here I am doing a little practicing...Click  for a bigger shot.

Halloween Night in Waikiki...Come go with me

to one of the most fantastic places to be on Halloween night
down town Waikiki on the main beach street and Lewers street
in Honolulu, Hawaii...and see some of the coolest costumes ever.
What a great place to spend Halloween night..I just loved it
so much fun. Guess which one I am....hint...I got the fake
cigarette and hot chocolate in my hand. You got to...Put it on
your list of things you must do for a
incredible Adventure.

Click here...Pictures...

Check out some of my favorite Web Sites
...and some of my..."I wish I could things".

....I love this site! It has more than wind speed in it.
I have windsurfed at many of its cool cam-sites and had so much fun! 

Red Hot Suzie....One of my favorite comic strip sites. She goes on

some adventure every week. I always want to go with her.
I think it is a girl thing though...Oh well...for the young at heart? Yea!!!

Live Cams Hawaii...It is a list of awesome cams-sites all over the
Hawaiian Islands. 

Frogmen....Probably the most super macho jumping stumping
site on the planet!   It's waaaaay cool!
Map Quest...You gotta check this site out! If you think map sites
are fun to run around I do...this one is great!
I wish I could do this (just once)..really cool!
Sent to me by a cool v-pal..he knew the guy the took the video
while he was standing on the flight deck is a great video.