Welcome to Jill's  Photo Album

  HI!... I am so glad you came by to visit!
I hope you enjoy looking at a few of my

photos, I sure had fun making them doing
the different looks! Photo shoots are so
exciting! The music and photo folks
around me makes having great times easy.
I have learned so much from them, every
girl should be so lucky!

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jiljeansls-c_tn.JPG (26628 bytes)jiltights_tn.JPG (23390 bytes)
jilvestbw_tn.JPG (15217 bytes)jiljacket_tn.JPG (21142 bytes)

jiljeanss-c2a2.JPG (192204 bytes)

jilportiat.JPG (18562 bytes)jilface.JPG (24412 bytes)

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